Monday, January 21, 2008

Back from Hiatus

I have been away from blogging so long that I had to remind myself how to navigate this blog. Funny! Writing feeds me; being too busy to write is not what I intend for myself. Who can I blame for this?? Oh yeah, that taskmaster-lady in the mirror.

Work calls. Because I love it, I jump when it asks me to. My classes are becoming more requested, around the state. I am teaching on 4 topics relating to consciousness expansion and wellness. In spring, I'll take at least one class to Boulder. (wait... isn't that like taking coals to Newcastle??) My clientele has filled my schedule with individual sessions well into February.

A part of me feels gratified with the positive feedback. A big fat part, actually! If I'm going to pour my heart and soul and my days and evenings into something, I'd like to know it's helping. I acknowledge that my skills were half-baked for many years. My increasing number of gray hairs is one more mark of experience... it took this many years and this much focus to get to where my work is effective enough for me to be proud of it.

A different part of me is only mildly interested in the work I do with humans. Of greater interest is my deer family that lives in the yard and eats apples from my hands during the cold of the winter. The rabbits that trust me enough to lounge and stretch under my feet as I type this interest me more. The silent downy snowflakes piling up on the branches outside my window interest me much more. If it weren't for the weeks of ice built up, I'd be walking among those snowflakes this very moment.

This rambling story is my unplanned declaration to get myself back in the writing seat more often. My kitten Maya still accompanies my trips to the keyboard, only now she's become gigantic. She's not quite as helpful as she thinks she is, but the movements on the monitor screen still fascinate her. Don't give up on us! Maya and I will be back when we can.


Dick said...

Resolutions, resolutions! Don't stay away so long this time, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for Oceana?

Wandering Willow said...

Wow, who is that writing about Oceana?? I'd love to hear about what's up with her or Mary!