Sunday, October 05, 2008

Zrii Experiment #1

Since spring, life has blossomed and changed a hundred times over! I still miss Sandy the bunny, but our rescued puppy Kaylee has brought a whole new level of fun to our house.

Just before Easter, two people suggested that I try an Ayurvedic nutritional drink called Zrii. I was unimpressed by their pitch. I've tried dozens of nutritional drinks that had compelling labels but never made any difference in my health, even after a year. Of course the idea was put forth that I could make a good living selling Zrii and enrolling others to do the same. That's also never worked for me. But it's largely organic, so I felt compelled to at least inquire. I am committed to supporting that kind of product and lifestyle.

What made a difference in my opinion was when I turned inward, prayed and asked my inner spiritual guidance about it. Strange technique to employ, no? But that's just me. It's also how I make my living, so I trust what I receive.

The message I heard was strongly positive and enthusiastic about the important part this product was destined to play in the upliftment of humanity, due to its ability to re-balance the imbalances of those who are suffering. Wow! That was not a normal message to receive from my inner wisdom. That got me intrigued.

Just before Easter, Gary and I started drinking Zrii, to try it out. Easter dinner at Gary's sister's house is normally a pig-fest for us. Oddly, I just wasn't in the mood to finish my piece of hot apple pie with ice cream. How can I convey how deeply unbelieveable that statement is.... my endless sugar cravings have been the only vice I've been unable to conquer. I am a sugar hog and that's that. But suddenly, one teensy piece of pie is too much?!?!?!!!

Upon discussing this aberration with Gary, we realized that neither of us had eaten a single piece of the nice organic Easter chocolate on the table at home. hmmmm. We went home and looked up the ingredients of Zrii. Turns out that it has three ingredients that help to stablize the metabolism of sugar. hmmm. Within about 4 days, it did all that for us? Amazing!

We have continued to barely eat sweets, and I've lost twelve pounds now, effortlessly.

In month four of drinking Zrii, my lifelong eczema utterly disappeared. Poof! Gone. Given that I've tried every eczema remedy under the sun, pharmaceutical and herbal alike, this is no small feat. I still check my hands every day, and there's still no eczema.

Meanwhile, my office assistant decided to try it also. After several months, she started feeling funny and went to the doctor. He determined that her high blood pressure had miraculously gone down so much that her medication was now too strong! Long story short, she has now reduced her medication twice, and discontinued one of the meds altogether.

This intriguing product has caught my attention, alright! I plan to periodically report on what happens with those who drink it.

I do know of two people in robust health who drank it and found that nothing in particular happened. One person didn't notice benefits until after several months of drinking a slightly higher daily amount.

Two people close to me have struggled with rather deep depression for decades. One had taken several herbal remedies, with only minor benefits. After a mere week of drinking Zrii, he became cheerful at work and at home, and has stayed that way for six months now. He notices that the ongoing anxiety and sporadic unprovoked anger disappeared.

The other is on psychiatric medication, but still depression and resignation weigh him down. After about a month of drinking Zrii, he found that his mood was lighter and he had more energy during the day. His emotions became "stabilized" in his words... he could get in touch with his emotions better, so he could determine how to respond. He feels noticeably calmer and happier on a regular basis, now.

Lastly, another friend fell into a coma and barely escaped death. Over the two years since awakening, she has had flat emotions, and a total lack of motivation or interest in life. It was as if a part of her had remained shut down. She started drinking Zrii, and called me within a couple of weeks to report that suddenly life is exciting, and she's starting to make plans for having fun! She feels that when she started drinking Zrii is really when she came back to life from the coma.

Needless to say, each of these people has become a distributor of Zrii. I've found that my business within this company builds itself easily, once people try the stuff. With little effort on my part, I bring in enough commission monthly to more than pay for what I drink. Cool.

So that is my first installment in the indefinite series of articles on what happens when people I know drink Zrii. Got any good stories? Share them in the comments! (politely, please, or I'll have to erase them).

love to all from the Wandering Willow