Sunday, October 09, 2005

Eleni in a globe of gold

I just found this 2002 photo, while browsing through my old photo pile. This is my little niece, Eleni, riding on an elephant. As you can see, she's wearing her Super-helmet of glowing golden light, to keep any evil spirits away from her head.

I have no idea how this effect happened, but I just love it! It suits her.
* * * * * *

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Commemoration of Summer

Fall is here. Snow is due any day now. This picture commemmorates the beauty of summer which is passing fast. Here in Colorado, we still have 75 degree days in Fall, while the night temperatures go to freezing. I just love the colors and light in this summer shot. The oak leaves are red and brown now; the green is gone.
* * * * * * * *

A Mouse Lunch

After our sweet little bunny Bunnita died, Bugs was left as a lonely widower. We started letting him roam in the yard with us for a few hours daily, so that life would hold some interest for him again. He would wander in and out of the outdoor enclosure where he and Bunnita had dug a deep hole. The mice that lived in the hutch with the rabbits moved along with Bugs. (I've named the mice Squeak and Eeek, but I can't tell which is which.) We saw them scurrying from the hutch to the outdoor enclosure, apparently looking for their buddies. On several occasions, I saw Bugs and a mouse casually munching pellets from the same bowl! A luncheon among friends. One lucky day, I caught this picture of Squeak eating sunflower seeds from the rabbit bowl. Or maybe it's Eeek.

Those hours in the yard grew longer and longer. After awhile, we were leaving Bugs to play in the garden all day, putting him in his hutch only at night. Eventually, he made it clear that he was capable of taking care of himself. He made himself several homes around the garden, under various things. He is now a free-range half-wild rabbit of the world. His favorite homes are: *under the solar panels, *in the cabbage patch, *in the bushes, and *under the plumtree branches. When we come out to his area, though, wherever he's currently hiding, he usually runs out to be petted. He and Gary have a lot of conversation time when Gary is gardening. Bugs hops alongside him, keeping Gary company. My men are good at gardening together.

Most mornings, Bugs can be found back in his enclosure, checking out his hole. Sometimes he hops back into the hutch, seeing if it's still as he left it. Snow is expected this weekend; we hope he will go into one of his old homes to stay warm.
* * * * * * * * * *

A Greek American Kiwi

I was browsing through a CD and found some photos that a friend took when we were in New Zealand last year. I know I'm interested when I get to see what a fellow blogger looks like, so here is evidence of my extreme pulchritude. There's been talk of my eyebrows lately, so they are featured here as Exhibit A. As a point of interest, when in Colorado, my hair is absolutely straight. The humidity in New Zealand brought out the waves that I remember so well from my younger days in coastal towns.