Wednesday, October 06, 2004


October 6, 2004

Sedona Arizona called our number, and we came running. To be more accurate, my brother called from Sedona, and we went driving. It was a treat to be invited to a desert oasis as beautiful as this town.

The drive to Sedona is like none other. Approaching from the East as we did, we drove through hours of desert and Indian Reservations. Hardly an animal was visible for hundreds of miles, then around a bend we’d come upon a herd of dozens of antelope. Their fur is desert-colored, so it would be easy to miss every one of them. I suspect we passed unknowing by more of them than we saw. The music from the Navajo radio stations was pleasant to my ears, rhythmic and harmonious and somewhat hypnotic. Buttes and mesas made a perfect backdrop for the music… or perhaps the music was the perfect soundtrack for the scenery. I loved the massive mesas with smoothly curved rock edges that looked as if gigantic standing people with featureless faces were crowded together to form the pillar on which the flat top rested. I called those mesas the The Ancestors. (I wish I knew how to upload photos to show you what I mean!) The feeling that comes from those rocks is ancient. It’s easy to understand how generations upon generations of people have had mystical experiences at the feet of those mesas.

My favorite formations were the bigger-than-life red rocks, soaring as high as the equivalent of a fifteen-story building, with three-story-tall, two-city-block-long caves in the front. In several places, Navajo businesspeople had set up stores just outside those caves. I have stopped at such places just so I could be near the mouth of the cave, breathing the breath of the Earth that wafts out.

The visit with my brother, and with my mom who flew out to join us, was a satisfying thing. Family connections are good to reinforce, and also good to keep at a distance. Mom and I both talk too much, so it’s good that we’re not near one another. It would wear us out. We enjoyed a few days of eating and sightseeing and eating and gabbing and eating. My brother rightly called our visit The Eating Club.

A highlight was when a friend took us on a hike through the wilderness outside Sedona. David, who runs, is a living cornucopia of interesting projects, ideas, people and places. We had no idea what our hike would lead to, but knowing it was an adventure was good enough. As David drove us to the trailhead, we shared our recent dreams. Gary had just dreamed about seeing a rattlesnake, which had no rattles and was not dangerous. Our interpretations of that dream were pretty lame, but we tried. Then we arrived at a park trailhead in what appeared to be a plateau surrounded by massive rock formations. We hiked as swiftly as I have ever hiked for maybe an hour through wild terrain far from the regular path system.

As we approached the foot of one of these red-rock cliffs of The Ancestors, I felt the living essence of the rocks in that area. The aura was thick with a sense of centuries of life. You could say it felt like the presence of The Ancestors whose history was absorbed into those rocks. Before walking up to the rock face, I took a respectful moment to align my thoughts and my presence with that of the area.

I would have sworn I heard the words “Come In” whispered in my ear. Nobody was standing near me, and anyway I didn’t see a way to go “in” to a giant rock. So I shuffled carefully along the narrow trail and peeked around the next edge. To my utter shock, there opened up a cavernous ancient cliff dwelling!

We picked our way past walls through the rubble of ceiling-rocks which fall off in sheets periodically. I was trying to identify the nature of the cave painting ahead of me, when I was startled by the sight of a rattlesnake lying on the clay floor. I’d never seen one outside a zoo before, so I yelled “rattlesnake!” and jumped away. The guys came running, with their cameras. Then I remembered Gary’s dream. This snake lay there without moving, without rattling or coiling. David says he’s never heard of a rattler that didn’t coil and rattle as a warning. Its rattles seemed slightly deformed; they were very small and narrow. We marveled over the way Gary’s dream perfectly mirrored reality. It felt good to be able to interact with a snake in a neighborly way, without snake and humans both running in fear.

The petroglyphs were a wonder to see. This cave was so extremely remote that there was nothing to keep us back from the actual ruins and paintings. Of course, we were as careful as could be. It felt as if we were tiptoeing through somebody’s home, only they weren’t home and it had fallen into disrepair. I wondered if the residents might still be living in another dimension of this place, side by side but unable to perceive us. If time is not linear but holographic and simultaneous (as I suspect it is) then that scenario might well be true. That would explain the profound sense of history being alive. I wondered if their shaman might be having a prickly sense of the presence of someone from another dimension walking through his space unseen. He might be tempted to call out for assistance from the benevolent spirits of the future who were visiting him. We sent love and good wishes out into the cave, just in case. If that old shaman had asked us for a vision of what his future would bring, we’d have been hard pressed to think of a positive way to describe it. Maybe I could have told him that it would involve embracing change and joining with other cultures.

An additional leg of the hike took us another half-hour farther back into the wilderness. David led us to an even more remote and high-up cliff dwelling. It had fewer buildings and rock art, but the view was incomparable. We could see over the top of the desert for miles in all directions but one. Lunch in that cave tasted better for all the effort that went into hiking and scaling the cliff.

Heading back, we got lost for a time. It was actually fun to bushwhack through the scrub and thorns to find our way to the trail again. None of the three of us got worried, I’m happy to say. That would have cut down on the fun quotient. My legs received plenty of cac-u-puncture from the long cactus thorns we passed. At one point I felt something funny in my arm and looked to see two long thorns protruding from my wrist and forearm. It didn’t hurt much. Maybe it cured some ailment within me, as acupuncture might have. A butterfly fluttered around us as we searched for our trail, and followed us all the way back to the car. It was a perfect ending for the day’s expedition.

More southwest adventures will be revealed in the next installment of this story. See you back on the blog in another couple of days!

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Saturday, October 02, 2004


I took a warm bath tonight, and drifted into that semi-sleep state. Drifting peacefully between the worlds, I realized I was seeing 3 beings of light in front of me. They were profoundly familiar, but I couldn’t see them too clearly. Their unusual names were from some other time and/or realm.

They said they were there to celebrate with me. “Celebrate what?” I asked. They said that as of today, my journey from the day I was born was complete. All debts were paid, all tasks were accomplished. Interesting! They said we should have a party. I asked if they had chocolate there, and they laughingly said yes, but didn’t offer me any, I’m sorry to say. Instead, they lined up before me and said they had gifts. They all spoke telepathically, with one joint thought speaking into my mind.

The first man held out a box for me. It was a mirrored box with a fluttering white butterfly for a lid! Its wings glowed pure white, and I was struck with its sense of purity. Reaching for the lid, I saw that the butterfly was real and living! It telepathically told me that this gift was also from Nature, thanking me for my work on its behalf. The butterfly said “I give you my children.” The box opened, and inside was a pair of earrings. Each was a tiny glowing white butterfly, living as an earring hanging from the silver hook. I reached through the mist that barely separated my world from theirs, and felt my hand going into a slightly different dimension. I put the earrings in my ears, and was suffused with such a sense of the purity of the shining butterflies that my eyes teared up.The middle one of the beings of light handed me his box. It contained a large, thick, leather-bound book with gemstones on the cover: a big sapphire, a big ruby, emerald and diamond. I felt them, but my vision was too unclear to determine their pattern. He said “This is your Book of Life. It is yours now.” I flipped the edges of the pages to riffle through the whole book, and saw quick colorful images of endless faces, places, thoughts and events. There seemed to be summaries of lessons learned too. I was overwhelmed that I had earned the right to read my Book of Life.

The third man held out a huge bouquet of roses, my favorite flower. I was unable to focus on the entire bouquet at once, it was so expansive. One at a time, I looked at each flower and smelled its fragrance. Every single rose was unique in color, form and fragrance. The being said “These are your students.” The bouquet was, I realized, infinite. He handed it to me, and I held it against my chest. Gradually all the roses sunk into my heart, leaving my hands empty but my heart full.
I was nearly speechless. Some part of me realized I was lying in my tub still, but most of me was invested in this vision. They asked me if I had anything to say, and I joked about being naked in the tub when they called this party, so how could I give a speech. Then I sobered my attitude, in view of what they had just done for me. I thanked them and declared that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my days to inspiring people and increasing the love and light in the world. As a final decree, I told them that I was absolutely refusing to do things the hard way any more. I have paid my dues and then some, so I refuse to be given any more difficult assignments. They smiled and agreed.

They left, and I returned to my awareness of the cold bath water. I pondered the ramifications of this ceremony. Could I be nuts? Was it my subconscious? Could it have been real? Was it “just” a dream? Would anyone else on earth believe me if I told them about it? Gary would, and so would my friends who know me well.

I am choosing to write about this on the blog. No matter how the various readers decide to interpret my experience, I am feeling blissful and serene. My hope is that one person may read this and feel their horizons expand somewhat. Life is huge and hopeful, ever spiraling upward and balancing itself out. If we think we know a lot of facts about how life is, we blind ourselves to the unexpected, that we could never dream up. I KNOW I don’t know much at all about the nature of reality. That may be why I experience so much that is beyond the edges of most peoples’ understanding.

Maybe it was just a pleasant dream, but heck, maybe I’m done! All debts paid, all tasks accomplished.

* * * * * *