Sunday, November 09, 2008

Be the First to Know the Future!

There is a website that I've found fascinating over the past several years. This ordinary man noticed that his dreams kept coming true. He'd watch the news and see reports of whatever he dreamed about over the prior few nights. Eventually he made a website to post his dreams, and others became fascinated by watching the dreams come true.

The site is called Brian's Dreams or Brian's Prediction. (click on the link to see what I mean.) Twice he dreamed about my life! That's when I got hooked on reading his dreams.

In the first case, I'd had a serious conversation with Gary about whether or not our beloved rabbit bugs had a Higher Self of individuated soul that could possibly reincarnate. If he did, we wondered how we'd know when and where he had returned to us. The very next day, Brian posted a dream saying "High" with an arrow pointing up, and it said "Pick the runt, Rebirth" There was also a strange scribbled drawing of rectangles. We searched around town for a baby rabbit for sale, but only one could be found. He was the runt of the litter, with an overbite, so they couldn't "show" him in rabbit shows. We took him home and named him Ziggy. A couple of years later, I looked at Brians' dream drawing again, and realized that the scribbles of rectangles made a perfect image of the pattern of colors on Ziggy's back! Pretty amazing.

The other dream was of a personal nature, regarding a friend in danger, so I won't go into that one. Today I was reminded of Brian's site again, and thought I'd pass the information along so that others might be intrigued as I have been.

Have fun with it!


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