Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guard Kitten Saves The Day

We awoke to the sight of a mule deer buck with a massive rack eating the lilac bush outside our bedroom window.

Maya the kitten got her first glimpse of a deer when Gary lifted her to the windowsill. She was fascinated. We then put her outside the back door. She trotted up to the deer, and stopped on a flagstone a couple of feet away.

When Bucky had his fill, he turned to go up the walkway. Tiny Maya arched her furry little back and stood her ground on the flagstone. The deer backed up. Maya sat down. The deer stepped forward, and she arched fiercely once again. He eyed her calmly, steadily.

I called and called, but nothing would persuade our Guard Kitten to leave her post. Eventually the deer glanced at me, invisibly shrugged his shoulders, and walked around another way. Maya immediately collapsed into a little limp heap on her flagstone.

She seemed relieved but proud when I ran over to pick her up. At great peril to herself, she had singlehandedly saved our home and lives from the ravages of a deadly killer deer! I did my purr-imitation into her fur, to show her I was proud of her bravery too.

Bucky made his way to the back of the garden and hopped over the 8' fencing with ease. I photographed his antlers backlit by the early morning sun, as he got ready to hop the fence.


Wandering Willow said...

Hey, somebody's gotta leave a comment here about these fun - if blurry and small - photos! Maybe I'll have to leave my own comment for myself...

"Wow, Bonnie, that's an amazing feat for such a little kitty! And your masterful camera work is impressive!"

Heidi said...

Very fun! And that IS an amazing feat for such a little kitty.

We had a similar adventure years ago with dearly departed George, but didn't get it on camera. George wasn't willing to take any guff from the buck, who was stamping his foot and advancing a little too close for our comfort. Hey, those racks are pointy! We intervened. We've had cats since then who have startled deer right out of the yard.

Dick said...

Wow, what a champ! The best we can do around here is the muntjac - no antlers & about the size of a labrador!

gossamer said...

My brother and sister in law also have a cat that chases deer!

My cat has the best ears, and she hears things outside that the dogs completely miss.

Wandering Willow said...

Heidi, sorry that George is dearly departed. That's always hard to accept.

Dick, I have never heard of a muntjac! I'll have to look them up. So if you had a cat, it could save you from deadly muntjac attacks.

Gossamer, nice to hear from you! My little kitten has great hearing also. Those ears are like radar dishes, swiveling around to catch every slightest sound!

Wandering Willow said...

Alright then, boys and girls, here is your lesson for the day. The link below will take you to photos of the Muntjac.

According to Wikipedia, it's the oldest known type of deer, also called the Barking Deer. Interestingly, it has little antlers and little tusks as well! They fight with their tusks.

I think Maya the Kitten could take on a Muntjac, tusks and all, and win. She has sharp claws, they don't.

Birdie said...

Bonnie, what a delightful story! I love that your kitty wanted to save you from the Evil Killer Deer! She's a keeper for sure!

When I had Jeff the Cat, he would often arch his back and almost growl when strangers came to the door. I used to call him the Guard Cat. It's amazing how our companions nurture and protect us in ways we would never expect.

That's one brave kitty, give her a skritch between the ears for me. I am finally home from Chicago and my daughter left after her week here, so I'm back to reading my buddies again, phew. I've missed you!

Lots of love, girl,